For all of you food lovers out there, to go on a culinary journey all over the world is the dream. You are that one person in the group that always want to try out new food whenever you get the chance to visit a new area, and you are not afraid of tasting new flavors.

Once upon a time, Indonesia was famous for the herbs and spices, so you don’t want to miss out on what makes the Portuguese and Netherlands come to this place. A lot of the food is available in restaurants at the mall if you are not ready to eat from the street, and it tastes just as great. Aside from rendang, here is a list of must-try Indonesian food.

Nasi Goreng

a fried riceThe word goreng means fried, and you will notice much Indonesians love to fry their food from how many times the word goreng appears on the menu. But if there is one fried food that you have to try is nasi goreng or fried rice. Just like any other food that is cooked with spices that you are not used to, it’s quite impossible to describe the taste unless you have experienced the food. All I can say is you can google it yourself to find out how many people that went to Indonesia and fell head over heels for nasi goreng.

Ayam Goreng

The second fried food that you must try is their fried chicken. Different with any fried chicken that you are used to, Indonesians do not dip the chicken to any batter before tossing it into the boiling oil. There are probably more than ten ways for Indonesians to fry their chicken and it depends on which city you are at when ordering it. But you will generally find them frying it in Sundanese style, not that you know the difference anyway.


a martabakThe closest thing to martabak that you have eaten in the past is probably pancake. But comparing martabak to pancake does not serve it justice. Let’s just say it’s a traditional thick pancake that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and can drive people crazy because of how good it is. This food comes in many varieties of flavor from chocolate, cheese, peanut, to red velvet and Ovaltine.


If you like the taste of pickle, Mexican food, and sour food in general, pempek is the way to go. Though pempek originates from Palembang, a city in Sumatra Island, you can find it everywhere in Indonesia because it is that good. Don’t judge this food by how it is described because a fried fishcake served with vinegar may sound absurd. But trust me, if this is your cup of tea it will be hard to go back home without being able to bring one.